July 11, 2009

Install google calendar on windows vista (part 2)

  1. You must be logged in to google calendar on the web link browser.Click settings on the top right.Then click the calendar tab and want to display on the calendar windows calenders
  2. Then you can go down calendar details tab and the area under the "Private address" click the button ICAl.You will get a popup.Click you get right before the link and select copy.Then click OK on the calendar popup.
  3. Open windows start menu in vista.
  4. Click the tool and select subcribe.Next you will there is a dialog box asking to subscribe.Right-click the box and paste the URL address and the earlier press next.Once connected and agrees to subscribe, you will see a dialog box.You can put your name and the calendar,and to fill in the distance update.click finish.You will also see the google calendar on the Windows vista calendar.Calendar will automatically update when you subscribed.

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