July 11, 2009

How to Create HTML Instant Photo slideshow

Use Synaptic to install igal.Once installed, copy all images to which you want to create a slideshow in a folder.go to the folder and type IGAL earlier.HTML files that are required for the slideshow will be created automatically, and we need all the files are uploaded to the website.File main IGAL create html index and you may want to rename such as a slideshow.html,to avoid overwrite the file index.html with your property.Please note IGAL create a thumnail image of all the hidden files (files preceded the dot) and is required to upload to the website.To view them in the Nautilus file browshing window, click view> show hidden files.There is no reason why slideshow only works online.You can also email the whole folder that contains many images plus HTML to another location in the form of a single file terkompresi, and memberitahunya to click index.html when ganda akan blossom folder.Slideshow will open in browsher.

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