June 25, 2009

Diabetes Diet by walking

Suffering from diabetes or commonly called diabetes mudah.Ukuran not Feed the food must be appropriate, especially should not be more or less. Now there is an easy way you can do that is by walking 45 minutes per day. Activity of walking for 45 minutes per day can help people with diabetes use blood sugar in the body to become better. It was disclosed Michle trenell Britain's Newcastle University and the team in the study were reported in the journal diabetes care.
Many people assume that the exercise to the gym quite daunting, but we find that almost all people with diabetes can be more active through running activities. The research team study of 10 pairs of the type 2 diabetics who have the same conditions, including higher body, body weight, age and ask them to walk over 10,000 steps per day. scanning results of tests megnetic resonance imaging (MRI) shows that people walk more than 45 minutes per day can burn around 20% fat. Addition can improve the ability of muscles to store sugar in the blood and control the diabetes.

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Anonymous said...

What can we do if we are attacked by diabetes

Bisnis Online said...

waduh bhs inggris nih :) .. jadi bingung deh, lam kenal yach

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