June 20, 2009

cautious fastfood

Can not be denied that many fast food meals be fancied by all people. Food prepared
food is delicious and the packaging is also clean. But behind that arouse packaging, fast food has a lot of danger for many health.fastfood
contain calories, salt, fat and very high cholesterol.

In the food fast food only a few fiber contains, many more dish that contains meat as a main high-cholesterol food high.In other hand
cholesterol menu as the menu is more main fibrous.Fiber foods help facilitate the digestion and big waste water.A large number of animals in the womb make fastfood
absorption of calcium in the body become obstructed and will cause a osteoporosis.

For the women should be more cautious because of fast food can cause obesity and Obesity. Gynecology in the high fat fast food can also stimulate

the growth of cancer, especially breast cancer.
Start to restrict themselves to balance the needs fiber.Should you choose carefully
or fast food can balance with vegetables.

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