May 21, 2009

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Want to open nationalism , JK Naionalis tradesman.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Want to open nationalism , JK Nasionalism tradesman.
From the launch of the book and Yusuf Kalla dinno Patti Djalal.

Who SBY? Who Jusuf Kalla? Discussions with the only book Hard Work: Note that a Vice President Jusuf Kalla embosom thought (Microsoft) and the book should I work Dinno Patti Jalal on picture to open the second figure itu.Selain Dino, tapil expert in political discussion LIPI pledge nua Bhakti.

Dino Patti Djalal, known as the spokesperson for presidency, asking voters more carefully the issue of nationalism that flare again be selling the PILPRES 2008. Of course, it is not apart from the negative campaign against mencuatnya pair SBY-toned as the neolib economic and pro-foreign.
When nationalism becomes political commodity, not the spirit of healthful kebangsangan. Be careful with the issue of long naionalisme this election, "said he." Practice makes only ultra-nationalist state runtuh.Sudah evident in Germany and Japan.

He mentions that both nasionalime must accommodate pluralism, a moderate, tolerant and open. "This type of nationalism that could raise the nation's creative potential."
According to experts, international relations, the leadership of the future will no longer have any character dogmatis.tetapi must be flexible and can accept the idea of change. "Many leaders who want to advance, but suspicious of the good transformation.Leader should embrace and exploit change.He confess wonder if the approach to developing a spirit of nationalism, foreign investment is a good entry-ditakut fear Him.

"In fact, the welfare state was formed from 50 percent in the remaining results and cooperation with the international world," he said even though not explicit, leading to Megawati, Prabowo duet of the theme of democracy and economic independence.
Not only that, Dino also said that SBY is not a figure that does not slow and emphatic as many alleged political opponents. According to him, after rising to become president SBY, thus meeting the cabinet adopted the corporate culture."Each meeting agenda clearly, the minister who spoke limited the field is related langsung.Sehingga can be made a day in the 5-6 decision said.
On the political observers praised Ikrar Nusa Bakti Jusuf kalla.He states salut Jusuf Kalla to the Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare background, but even more diligent to the conflict in West Kalimantan, poso, Maluku, and Aceh "Coordinating Minister polkam.selain not also mention that he often appears contention that a trader seems more important than profit sense of nationalism.

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